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Apostle Ralph R. Long

Dr. Long is Senior Pastor of two churches, World Kingdom in Baltimore, Maryland and Living Bread Worship Center in Delmar, Maryland. He oversees a Covenant of 60 Churches and ministries known as WKFFM-USA, WKFFM-India, WKFFM-Singapore, and WKFFM-Africa and missions in Haiti and Mexico.

The vision God gave to Dr. Long focuses on the ability to be a servant-watchman. The "Anointing" that flows through this commitment creates a hunger and a passion for true worship.


World Kingdom Fresh Fire Ministries International, Inc.-USA Corporate Headquarters is based in Baltimore, Maryland and includes a vast covenantal network as listed above.


Educationally, Dr. Long earned a Bachelor of Science Degree of Applied Psychology and a Master of Education in Rehabilitation Counseling from Coppin State College in Baltimore, Maryland. He has earned a Doctor of Christian Psychology from Jacksonville Theological Seminary in Jacksonville, Florida and Doctor of Psychology from the Institute of Theology and Christian Therapy, Grandbury, Texas.


Additionally, Dr. Long is President of Kingdom Bible University/Fresh Fire School of Ministry and has received many awards and honors for his accomplishments. Dr. Long is licensed as Arch Bishop of the Diocese of WKFFM; He is a licensed Master Christian Life Coach and is the Founder and CEO of "Life Balance Counseling Services, Inc." He is a licensed Professional Pastoral Counselor; he's a motivational speaker, international preacher and teacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through a powerful anointing that sets captives free.


Dr. Long is a servant and worshiper of Christ, who walks humbly in the apostolic call of God on his life. 

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